Loi Pinel

What is it ?

Principle of real-estate tax exemption available to a taxpayer resident in France, who acquires a property (new or future completion) to obtain a tax reduction up to 21% over 12 years. The reduction is proportional to the duration of the lease and the amount of investment; it does not exceed € 300 000 and € 5,500 per m2 area.

  • 6-year lease: the reduction is 12%
  • 9-year lease: the reduction is 18%
  • 12-year lease: the reduction is 21%

What are the conditions for obtaining this facility?

To benefit from this incentive, the owner is required to rent the housing unit as main residence in the year following receipt of the property and at least for 6 years.

He must respect the ceilings of rents and resources.
He can also rent to an ascendant or descendant on condition that he is not part of the tax household of the owner.
This scheme cannot be combined with other schemes (Duflot, Malraux etc.)

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Zero-rate loan

What is it?

Regulated loan whose interest is paid by the government.

The goal is for first-time buyers, the acquisition of their primary residence via:

  • The purchase of land and construction
  • The acquisition of a new home
  • Conversion of premises into a housing unit
  • The acquisition of a renovated housing unit
  • Buying through a lease-purchase agreement
  • Purchasing a property in connection with the sale of social housing to its occupants.

What are the conditions for obtaining this facility?

Reserved for the purchase of the first main residence, the first-time buyer must prove that his resources do not exceed a ceiling depending on the location of the accommodation and the number of persons occupying it.

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